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Surf lessons

Come surf with us whether it’s your first time on a board, or you’ve caught a wave before. Our lessons are tailored for beginner to intermediate surfers, and we adjust the classes to your level. In the first lesson, you’ll learn how to stand up and ride the wave. After that you’ll be catching your own waves and turning down the face.

We surf every day, 365 days a year and offer a variety of packages to make sure you get what you want. Let us know what your surfing goals are, and we’ll make suggestions on how to maximize surf experience while you’re here. We can also help you find


Our equipment is well suited for novices and with safety in mind. We use Surf Tech soft-top long boards with Pro Teck fins which is perfect for learning. Our student to guide ratio is four to one, to make sure you get the attention and assistance you need.

Included in the lesson

  • Surf board and rash guard.

  • We can guarantee that you will manage to stand up and ride a wave.

  • A lesson is roughly 2 hours long.

Age limit

Everyone over 8 years can join a regular surf lesson with us. If you’re bringing children under 8 years old, you’ll need to take a private lessons. Let us know if you’re bringing kids between the age of 8 to 12 years old.

There's no upper age limit, as long as your healthy and with good balance.

Price for surf lessons

  • 1 Lesson: $60

  • 2 Lessons: $110

  • 3 Lessons: $150

  • Private Lesson: $120 for 1 person

  • Private group Lesson: $85 per person

  • 13% Tax will be added to all tour totals.

Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Stand up paddle boarding (SUP) is not only a visual experience, but you’ll also get an excellent physical work out without even knowing it! This tour takes place around high tide, so the water is calmer and it’s easier to paddle.

Standing above water makes it easier to see the abundant wildlife that lives in the warm waters of the Gulf Dulce. Turtles, manta rays, dolphins, and a variety of fish species can all be spotted while gliding across the surface of the water.

The SUP tour is a cruising tour, with no instruction on catching and riding waves. To learn how to ride the waves, make sure you sign up for a surf lessons!

Included in the tour

  • SUP board and rash guard

  • One tour is roughly 2 hours.

Age limit

To join us for a SUP tour you have to be at least 14 years old.

Prices for SUP tours

  • 1 tour : $60

  • 2 tours : $110

  • 3 tours : $150

  • Private tour : $120 for 1 person

  • Private group tour : $85/ person

Rent boards

You’ll need to take at least one lesson with us to get to know the break, before you can rent a board. At the end of your lesson, we’ll evaluate if you’re capable of going out on your own or not.

You have to stay at Playa Pan Dulce with the board.

Prices for renting a board

  • Per day : $30

  • Per week : $200


The schedule for our lessons are set based on low tide and current swell conditions. We update our schedule every 10-14 days, since swell conditions are predicted only 2 weeks in advance.

Current class schedule

Pollo Surf School determines lesson times based on low tide and swell conditions. This page is updated regularly to show the current class schedule.  

Contact us to reserve a space.


July 13                                            1:00pm


July 14                                           1:30pm


July 15



July 16



July 17



July 18



July 19



July 20



July 21


Surf lessons
Stand up paddle boarding
Rent boards
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